P.S. Waimare

Waimarie Paddle Steamer And Museum

The Only Operating Coal-Fired Paddlesteamer in New Zealand!

Experience river travel as it used to be on Whanganui’s iconic paddle steamer!

Salvaged from the bottom of the Whanganui River where she sat for around 50 years, the Paddle Steamer Waimaire was restored to her former glory and re-launched in 2000 to make her New Zealand’s last steam-powered and coal-fired passenger paddle steamer operating from the golden riverboat era of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, we can but dream of the hustle and bustle of the trading settlers and iwi who knew the Waimarie River Boat of old. Instead we can enjoy her resurrection with a leisurely river cruise more fitting to her stately grace. Loved by adults and children alike, a scheduled or private charter cruise on the Paddle Steamer Waimarie is undoubtedly the most authentic way to experience Whanganui River’s scenery and history.

Paddle Steamer Waimarie

  • One Of A Kind

    Built in 1899 and sent to New Zealand from England in a ‘Kit-Set’ form to assemble.

  • Get Stoked

    Stoke some coal and you will receive an ‘Honorary Stoker’ certificate!

  • Pigeons

    Release a homing pigeon with your message from Upokongaro, and it will be back at the museum when you return!

  • Still curious?

    Have a look at a brochure of this and many other heritage attractions in Whanganui! (8mb) Click here!

Waimarie Centre
1A Taupo Quay
Whanganui 4500

Day sailings: 11:00 am
See above for full sailing Schedule.

+64 (6) 347 1863
2.5 hours
From $15 - $45. See above.
Cafe, Food, Toilets, Entertainment, Disabled Access, Family Friendly

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